Wow. Some posts, I just have to wonder if the person is a troll or a completely unaware twelve-year-old.


why tho


They were concerned about the passage of time in comics, and how Sharon was too young to be the younger sister of someone who fought in WWII.

If it’s about why they’re related by blood and, in the comics, look alike, I… actually don’t know. Peggy served as a complication in their relationship later on, so it might have been for the sake of melodrama. Comic writers back then might have thought it was cool for Steve to bang sisters who looked so much alike.

I think it’s great that they’re related, though. I know a lot of people think it makes the relationship kind of skeevy, but it’s one of the best examples in comics - and soon, in MCU - of a woman being inspired by another woman.

I might have misinterpreted what you were asking, but I really love Peggy and Sharon I guess and wanted to weigh in!


somebody please teach me to love sharon carter

Okay, first, do you mean 616 or MCU?

Because I might be tired now, and going to bed soon, but I ADORE Sharon and I am happy to help. And I figure I can answer tomorrow. Like, a long answer. Or as long as it could be in the MCU even though we see so little of her.

Have they announced any female roles for Agent Carter other than Peggy? I keep seeing announcements about men who are joining the cast, but for such a show, it seems odd that I haven’t seen more about women. Have I just missed something?

Everything that’s coming out about Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter…

I want something about Sharon Carter.

STARK EXPO: Howard’s V.S. Tony’s version

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I’m going through the tags for the All Female Avengers AU gifset and I noticed a lot of people commenting on Peggy getting the Agent 13 codename and how it belongs to Sharon.

And I kinda realised that not many people know that Peggy Carter in the 616!verse was the first person to bear that codename. In the movie, there’s a scene where Peggy and Steve enter SHIELD’s secret headquarter and a shopkeeper lets them in. In the comic Peggy is that shopkeeper and it’s on that mission that she’s named Agent 13. Years later, Sharon joins SHIELD and takes on that name in honour of her great-aunt. 

So yeah, I could see that happening still in MCU, and in this AU I imagine that Sharon gladly handed that name back to Peggy when she gets unfrozen. 

This is true in the MCU, too. In the tie-in comic, Peggy saves Erskine from the Nazis and introduces herself as Agent 13.

In the comics, it’s made very, very clear in Volume 6 that Peggy’s code name during the War was Agent 13. I think it was mentioned earlier, too, but as a Sharon fan, I love Vol 6 and have been trying to get other people to read it for ages.


so I went into Five Below for the first time today and not only was I surprised that

  1. they sell t-shirts 
  2. they sell Marvel t-shirts
  3. they had a Marvel t-shirt with Natasha, Sam and Nick Fury on it


what a nice otp you have

it would be a shame

if one of them died.


I’m really confused.

Tony Stark and Sharon Carter are SHIELD legacies (in a manner of speaking). How come Sharon is an Agent and knows all about it but Tony was hella surprised to know his father was a founder in IM2? Like was it a choice for Howard to not tell Tony anything about it because he cared more about Tony getting Stark Industries than letting Tony know he was a founder for a government division named in honor of Captain America? Peggy wasn’t even Sharon’s mother and she knows more about it than Tony ever did (until he started hacking their shit). Did it have to do with Sharon being close to Peggy and Tony not being close to Howard? Did Tony know Peggy and therefore Sharon when he was growing up or were they not in his life at all? I hope these answers crop up at some point.

And why didn’t they have the acronym in IM if it’s been SHIELD all along?

I’m obviously referring to MCU. I know it’s different in comics, so you don’t have to tell me all of that comic stuff.

I’m just curious. This isn’t a complaint. It’s just a question.

It seems, from the movies, that Tony and his dad had a rather distant relationship, to the point that Howard couldn’t even tell Tony he was proud of him to his face. He did it in a video, after Tony interrupts him and Howard admonishes him for it harshly. Howard also might have seen his playboy billionaire son as being too flippant to be trusted with SHIELD’s secrets, or maybe he was trying to protect him, but he likely felt he had reasons not to tell Tony everything about his SHIELD work. It doesn’t mean he was right to do so, but Tony pre-IM is different from post-IM, and though I like to think Howard would be proud of the man Tony is now, I can see why he’d have reservations telling sensitive information to a young boy who flaunts his genius and knowledge simply because he can.

On the other hand, Sharon is seen talking with “her aunt” on the phone late at night. It’s implied that it’s Peggy, and also implies that Peggy feels comfortable calling Sharon up in the middle of the night to talk. They’re canonically much closer than Tony and his dad were. She’s also become a SHIELD agent, suggesting she wants to follow in Peggy’s footsteps and that she knows about Peggy’s SHIELD work.

As for the acronym in Iron Man, my theory is that Coulson is just messing around with them. Maybe he’s heard of Tony’s reputation? But I think by the end he likes Pepper enough to come clean and realizes that Tony just… doesn’t care, so he drops the joke.

Isn’t the show Emily Vancamp is in almost over?

Both series premiere in September, but they’re also both filmed in LA. I’d think they could spare EVC for a couple scenes… I’M HOPING.